HSE (Safety) Courses


Join the next class of trainees and be certified in General and Advanced HSE (Safety) competence. Candidates are sent for 100% practical oilfield safety inspections during training. Below are list of HSE Courses we offer



General HSE (Level 1 & 2) Courses

HSE General Certificate is compulsory for anyone who wants to work in the industry.
Training Duration: 3 Days 

Advanced HSE Supervision Level

This training is open for those who have completed General HSE Course and wish to work as Safety supervisors in companies.
Training Duration: 3 Days

IOSH Courses

IOSH COURSES We offer all IOSH Courses …



HSE Manager’s Level Course

Get this certificate and be the one employers will hire to manage company safety systems. Join the next class.
Training Duration: 5 Days

Rig Safety Training

The Rig Safety Certification is recommended for offshore workers and applicants who will work on platforms.
Training Duration: 4 Days



Marine Safety Course

Join the next class of trainees and be certified in Marine Safety. Recommended for seafarers and the likes.
Training Duration: 4 Days

Construction Safety

Construction Safety training and certificate is highly recommended for those in the construction industry.
Training Duration: 3 Days


All OSHA Courses




Food Safety and Hygiene

Highly recommended for those in the catering and hospitality industry.
Training Duration: 2 Days

Basic Fire Fighting and Prevention

This training is an introduction to fire fighting and the certificate will give you an edge.
Training Duration: 2 Days


See ISO Courses 




Unsafe Act Auditing

Recommended for anyone who desires to take safety (HSE) as a career and maintain safe work environment.
Training Duration: 2 Days

Working At Height Safety

The practical course is an added advantage for candidates who wish to work offshore and at elevated platforms. You can be one of them.
Training Duration: 2 Days

OPITO Training

OPITO Courses




Confined Space Entry (CSE) Course

The Confined Space Entry (CSE) Safety training guarantees your safety while working in permit required confine spaces.
Training Duration: 2 Days

Riggers Safety Course

All Offshore and Onshore roustabouts, roughnecks and others require rig safety induction training.
Training Duration: 4 Days

WHO HSE 1,2 & 3 Programme

This course will afford those who seek internationally recognized and accredited hse certification, the opportunity to achieve their career goals in occupational health and safety.


Duration of Training: 5 Days



Safe Handling of Chemicals (SHOC)

Join the next class of trainees for SHOC and get certified to work and handle chemicals safely.
Training Duration: 2 Days

Accident Invistigation Course

Accident Investigation course is an added advantage for HSE (safety) personnel.
Training Duration: 2 Days


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WorkPlace Conflict Management

Recommended for Human Resources Management professionals and everyone who desires to be a team player. Employers are looking for team players. You can join the next class.
Training Duration: 2 Days

First Aid And CPR

Practical First Aid and CPR is highly recommended for competent and responsible persons. Join the next class.
Training Duration: 2 Days